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What's this all about?

We would like this to become the historical archive for all things Op Banner Eg history, regiments, bases, locations and key events etc which you can add to.

If you have any ideas, please place them in the “ Site Suggestions” area using the tab above rather than editing the page directly. Before editing you should read the syntax page to learn the basic syntax. Use preview to check your changes before saving once only. If you want to try something, just use the playground page.

Dear (potential) Vandals

:-X If you don’t agree with the site then rather than vandalise it, start your own page and say why, add your opinion etc. That would be more productive!

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For now full public access is controlled. If you want to edit or add a topic you will have been told how or can request access.

Help with an archive of bases

FIXME Security Force Bases This section starts a list to document all security force bases(including those shared with Police). As many have now closed we want to create an archive of facts, photos and memories before they are forgotten.

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