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start quote... we have created a security environment where now the PSNI are able to do this on their own. end quote
Lieutenant General Parker, GOC, NI.

Operation Banner .com is an online community dedicated to providing a social network of information, services and advice to those involved or interested in Northern Ireland's Troubles, especially Army, Forces, Police and Civil Servants.

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It is run by people who are or have been in a similar position as yourself. The aim is to inform and provide a place to share and keep contact with news, views and developments.

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Remember: Search for and add comments on those Security Force members who died in our Roll of Honour.

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Op Banner may be over but the legacy will continue for some time. If you have an opinion you can share it here.jeremy scott wings Add your quick comment about the end of Op Banner. See some of the news to mark the end of Op Banner that came in from around the world.

'A Long Long War; Voices of the British Army in Northern Ireland, 1969-98'  Book Recommendation: 'BULLETS, BOMBS AND CUPS OF TEA. FURTHER VOICES OF THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORTHERN IRELAND 1969-98' This is Ken Wharton's second oral history of the Northern Ireland troubles told again from the perspective of the ordinary British soldier.

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"Remember us who gave our all"

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1000’s of Civil Service, military (The Royal Irish Regiment less the 1st Bn and TA who continue to serve.) and civilian sector employees have started a new phase of their life after redundancy caused by Northern Ireland Security Normalisation.

A British Soldier

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start quoteWe started at the top of the street talking to Protestants and by the time we got half way down the population had changed and we were now among Catholics. We were welcomed by both factions with open arms. end quote
Lt Col (Retd) Jack Daw
Ensure your service is seen at this focal point! Information and aftercare for Army, Royal Irish,beats by dr dre headphones The Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR), Police and Civil Servants.

This site also honors those who have served and those who have died. We will build up an archive of Op Banner related materials, articles, images and stories. If you have something to contribute let us know.

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What is Operation Banner?

Operation BANNER was the name given to the supporting role played by the British Army (and also the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force) over the last 38 years to the civilian police force in Northern Ireland. The political and civil situation is now viewed as being sufficiently "normal" for widespread and routine military support to be no longer thought necessary. From 1 August 2007, the Northern Ireland garrison will contain just 5,000 troops, and they will be trained and ready for deployment worldwide rather than just in Northern Ireland itself. Additional support for Public disorder and Bomb disposal will coninue under Operation Helvetic.